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Why Us?    
Computer Service Why TMS?

Here are some of the things we do for each service call:

Why TMS? That’s a good question.
If you have been depending on computer support, you know the pitfalls.

  • Technicians don’t call back...
  • The company does not follow up on issues...
  • They don’t ever fix the problem...
  • They don’t admit when they are wrong or don’t know the answer...

At TMS we started out thinking that if we just did service better than our competition then customers would choose us. Some did, and they liked what we were doing. But we are a competitive office and we're not satisfied with just being a little better than the competition.

We are striving to be the BEST, period!
So, we are constantly analyzing how to make our service perfect.

1. When you call our dispatch team they take all pertinent information about your problem and your company. If you have the time and the desire they will try to close the call for you on the phone.

2. If dispatch can not close the call, they call your technician. That is right YOUR technician. We assign technicians to take specific accounts. Your call is either scheduled or your technician will call you back within 30 minutes. If they can close the call on the phone they do it.

3. If your assigned technician can not close the call over the phone they will decide if they can connect via secure internet connection and fix the problem or they will schedule themselves to arrive onsite. If your assigned technician is on vacation, on a project or out of town, don’t worry. We document everything that we do at your account and we keep track of those calls, fixes, upgrades, and changes to your system and your network. So it’s easy for the next technician to figure out what is going on and fix your problem quickly.

4. Each account has a Visio drawing of their network with supporting documentation so that any technician can easily understand what is going on at this account.

5. Every service call is documented on a Tech Ticket. This is a multi part form that says what service was performed and how much time was taken. The technician must have the customer sign this form and keep a copy. Some accounts will keep these copies in the TMS assigned tech booklet that will be left at the customer site.

6. Other copies of the tech ticket are turned in to the TMS office and billing and dispatch will discuss those tickets before an invoice is produced. Usually invoices go out on a daily basis.

7. Within 72 hours of the tech call being performed, dispatch and customer service will follow up via email or phone to see how the call went and to make sure that the end user was totally satisfied with the outcome of the service call. Remember we want these calls to be perfect.

If you can find all this value in your computer service company then don’t switch to TMS.

If you can’t find all this value in your computer service company then try us out.

HomeServiceOur TeamWhy Us?CareersTestimonialsTech Placement Servicescomputer service contact