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"It only took TMS an hour to figure out what was wrong with our network, when another company had been working on it for days."

"Out tech took the time to call our software company to help resolve the problem. Our tech is real sharp, real good and I'm real impressed with his service." --Alice

"Adrian came out and in 2 minutes flat, he had everything working. His service was just wonderful." --Augusta

"I'm very happy with the service. I try to fix the minor things, but when it comes to something important or something I can't take care of, I never hesitate to call TMS. I know David can get the job done!" --Don

"Our wireless network is working just perfect and service was great! David did a good job!" --Jana

"The tech did such a wonderful job, we could just kick ourselves for not calling sooner." --Donna

"The technician did an absolutely outstanding job! Got all the viruses scrubbed away...very, very pleased with his performance..." --Steve

"Our tech is VERY good at what he does. He does excellent work!" --Augustine

"Service is excellent! David was very courteous." --Elsa

"Everything is absolutely perfect!!...there's no one better!! Adrian is excellent!" --Tom

"Our computer is working great! Our technician did such a GREAT job! We just fell in love with him. Everything is GREAT!" --Donna

"The technician answered all of our questions with detailed explanations. He answered our simple stupid questions without laughing at us. He was so great! We are planning to add equipment and move into a new office and we will call TMS first since the service was so good." --Tina

"Everything works great! Very impressed! Thanks for getting out here so quickly!" --Jacob

"Service was great!...he was fast...he was in and out in no time!"

"Awesome, you guys are so great! I recommended TMS to a friend since David did such a fantastic job!" --Joe

"Our system is running wonderful...he was great!" --Jan

"Our technician is great-he always responds quickly!" --Karen

"Adrian works VERY hard! Adrian is prompt and professional...not slacking at all. " --Rick

"Our technician's customer service skills are great!." --Terry

HomeServiceOur TeamWhy Us?CareersTestimonialsTech Placement Servicescomputer service contact